Team Introduction

     Hisense has set up the R&D and management team mainly formed by returned overseas students. There are 60 staffs in the company at present, in which 5 staffs have Doctor's degrees and 10 staffs obtained master's degree, and all staffs have Bachelor Degree or above. Hisense pays the utmost attention to the long-term interest of customers and concentrates on the innovation of global printed electronic industry and the development of electronic information industry.

  Chairman  Xu Haisheng
    Chairman Xu Haisheng, a professor of East China University of Science and Technology and doctoral candidate tutor, obtained the doctorate of science at Nanjing University in October 1994, studied for a doctorate at the Material Research Institute and Department of Electrical Engineering under the Pennsylvania State University from May 1998 to July 2001, and assumed as a senior scientist of the U.S. Intel Research High-tech Company in Sweden from December 2001 to March 2006. He was a former professor of Nanjing University and has long been engaged in organic functional material research and development and their application in electronic devices, and has a certain international influence in the research of dielectric, ferroelectric high polymers materials, conductive polymers and solid electrolytes. His research results have been published in some international-class academic journals, such as Nature, Applied Physics Letter and Macromolecules and widely cited by international counterparts. More than 50 papers of Mr. Xu have been published in internationally renowned journals and conferences. Now, he has two U.S. patents and has applied for five European patents and seven Chinese patents.
  General Manager  Zhou Yong
   General Manager Zhou Yong, an engineering doctor of the Dartmouth University, is a Chinese-American. Doctor Zhou Yong has successfully developed piezoelectric sprayers and presided over the design and development work of a variety of piezoelectric sprayers and related equipment, with abundant experience in organizing and leading teams. He has successively worked as a senior engineer, chief engineer and project manager of the U.S. SPECTRA Company; technical director of engineering at the U.S. TRIDENT Company; and president of the U.S. IJPEC Company.